Good books in, good books out, money made

Summer sales at the Bookstore were just above average. Actually, this was quite a feat seeing as the weather was either very hot or very rainy. Neither appealed to either book browsers or book buyers. We did have a half-price sale in July that went over quite well, and brought in some new and serious book lovers. A psychologist new to the neighborhood came in and was quite surprised when she saw how many books we had in the psychology section. She bought everything on “her” shelf, Freud and Hoenig not withstanding. She was one happy customer, and our coffers were enriched by $400. Our other serious buyer, who comes from the
Netherlands, is in frequently in to look for old books. On this trip he spotted one from 1886 and happily paid $60 for it. He always looks for obscure books, the ones we have a hard time selling!

On the supply side, Larry McCargar, our manager, recently received two calls to come and look over books from the estates of two elderly ladies, both of whom lived in our neighborhood. These days it is very unusual to be given access to such collections. Most often they are well picked over before we get a chance to see them. Another alum is bringing us a large number of handsome books on art and gardens—not the generic “how do I grow my garden”—would make great holiday gifts.

I have saved the very best news to last. We have been in desperate need for someone with the expertise to help price catalog books. Our plea has been answered, and we couldn’t have found a more qualified expert. Roo (Anne) Dane, class ’61, has stepped forward. She knows us well as she was the store’s manager for several years. Moreover she is widely known for her knowledge of rare books.

Bryn Mawr Bookstore half price sale

Date: March 12-19, 2005
Location: 373 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

Since our prices are always lower than most used bookstores, you won’t be able to imagine the bargains available during a sale unless you come in and see for yourself! If you would like more information, you may talk to Larry McCargar, Manager and/or Julia Reischel, Assistant at (617) 661-1770. Our website is at Our email address is